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Real Estate Consulting

We’ve represented Tenants, Landlords, Property Owners and Developers in all aspects of construction. Do you have a real estate problem that needs to be solved? We can provide the expert advice to ensure you’re getting what you need from your real estate or portfolio.

  • In person surveys of properties and leased spaces to provide insight on construction cost and timelines.
  • Advise on potential construction challenges.
  • Advise on tenant improvement allowance, disbursement strategy and ties to rent commencement.
  • Define and negotiate delivery condition scope of work and timelines.
  • Advise on preferred vendors and bidding strategy.
  • Advise on timeline, deferred submittals, early mobilization and demolition.

full-service construction management

From inception to completion, we will design a project strategy from the outset, build you a team of expert vendor partners and see the project through from design to completion and close-out.  Our full service construction management deliverables include, but are not limited to:


  • Develop a master project schedule with critical tasks and milestones. Update as necessary throughout the project.
  • Incorporation of vendor dates into master schedule.
  • Drive schedule and publish regular updates to project team.

Agenda and Minutes 

  • Prepare detailed agendas.
  • Draft and publish minutes for project meetings and work sessions.
  • Identify specific tasks, responsible parties, and due dates.

Bidding/Consultant Onboarding:

  • Lead consultant RFP process. 
  • Bid leveling comparison  and negotiations.
  • Formal qualitative comparison and recommendation. 
  • Drive cost competition and ongoing negotiations throughout process.

Budgets and Cost Reports 

  • Project budget 
  • Anticipated cost reporting 
  • Cash flows 
  • Variance reporting 
  • Monitor and administer design team contracts as to quality, timeliness of performance, payments, compliance with contract requirements, etc.
  • Evaluate contractors’ proposals, select contractor, negotiate contracts (including warranty, insurance, etc., provisions).
  • Invoice tracking 

Risk Registers & Ad-Hoc Reporting 

  • Risk-registers as needed, to outline financial, schedule, jurisdictional authority and design risks to the project.
  • Other Client reporting as necessary.
  • Representing the client throughout the design process.
  • Ensure the client’s requirements, standards, and requests are properly reflected in the design documents. Ensure review of plans and specifications for constructability, methods and materials, completeness, clarity, lack of ambiguity, coordination, etc.
  • Organize milestone budget updates.
  • Chair and document weekly Owner-Architect-Contractor meetings.
  • Coordinate information between the Client and team members.
  • Landlord-Tenant construction coordination.
  • Value Engineering based on budget.
  • Prepare reports addressing project progress and issues. 
  • Monitor contractor performance as to cost, quality and schedule.
  • Chair and document weekly Owner-Architect-Contractor meetings.
  • Attend weekly job site meetings with contractor and trades.
  • Monitor delivery and review of shop drawing and submittals
  • Identify and construction issues as they arise and attempt to resolve disputes.
  • Recommend and oversee corrective and recovery measures, as required
  • Monitor and confirm compliance of project with turnover requirements.
  • Oversee preparation of and review construction punch list. 
  • Organize and deliver to Client all close-out documents (as-built drawings, warranties, lien releases, etc.). 
  • Coordinate and confirm delivery of manuals, plans and specs., attic stock, etc. 
  • Schedule and monitor all product and equipment demonstrations and training.

Relocation Management

Moving out of your current space? Canopy can provide relocation oversight to ensure the project goes smoothly. 

  • Create an existing furniture inventory database with photos and plan tags.
  • Conduct extensive RFP process for approved move vendors, including bid matrix to ensure competitive bids including job walk. 
  • Create move schedule and task-tracking spreadsheets. 
  • Coordinate with all vendors that will overlap with the move for efficiency (low-voltage, furniture vendors, etc). 
  • Coordinate printer, network and personal computer equipment disconnect and reconnect. 
  • Facilitate COIs for all vendors working on-site. 
  • Coordinate details of move, including delivery of packing materials, permitting for parking, etc. 
  • Assist with building access, elevator and security requirements. 
  • Provide weekly updates and coordinate meetings leading up to move with client, staff and movers. 
  • Coordinate tutorials for staff on packing, labeling and moving coordination. 
  • Oversee and manage move staff on-site at existing location. 
  • Review all move-related contracts and invoices on behalf of client
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